A warm welcome is extended to you and your child.

Our centre is one of the four Children and Family Centres in South Australia. Children and Family Centres are part of the thirty-eight Children’s Centres for Early Childhood Development and Parenting being established across South Australia.

Children and Family Centres are a place for children to grow and learn and for parents to find out more about early learning, parenting, child health and safety.

Children and Family Centres focus on supporting Aboriginal families with young children to provide the best possible start in life.

Our centre is open to all members of the community and services include:

Children and Family centres support and strengthen the capacity of parents to provide nurturing and safe environments for their children.

Staff from a range of disciplines work together to provide children and families with the services and support they need.

All centres have links to the local Aboriginal Health Services.

Ceduna, Taikurrendi and Gabmididi Manoo Children and Family Centres also have links to a Health Promotion Officer. Health Promotion Officers support staff to coordinate and deliver appropriate health and wellbeing programs to Aboriginal families, with a focus on healthy eating, physical activity and oral health.

The design of each Children and Family Centres incorporates historic information and local cultural knowledge, best practice designs and community feedback. Design elements include large indoor open spaces, a flow between indoor and outdoor play and areas for cultural activities like fire pits and local gathering spots.

Children and Family Centres are funded by the Australian Government through the Indigenous Early Childhood Development National Partnership. This national partnership contributes to the Coalition of Australian Governments (COAG) Closing the Gap targets.

Most health and parent support services and programs are provided at little or no cost.

We trust that your time at our centre will be enjoyable and invite you to become fully involved in our activities.